It is spring cleaning time!!

Now that the cold winter is gone, and spring has sprung, we awaken from our hibernation and look around. Who put all that stuff there? Do you really need all of that?

It’s time … it’s finally time to do something about all the stuff you’ve collected over the last umpteen years. Spring Cleaning Time.

Spring cleaning, as we all know, is a project that we are not always keen to look at. It’s going to take ages. When will we do it? Tomorrow? Next week?

Take yourself by the scruff of the neck and get moving. Because it has to be done.

I’ve got some ideas to make it easier. And there are benefits not only for you, but for the people you know, and perhaps people you don’t know yet.

So … what should you keep and what needs to go?

What about the things that aren’t working any more. Got some of those? Maybe it comes with a memory from holidays past, or relationships past. You think you have to keep it, or you’ll forget all about the connection it had in your life. Maybe someone gave it to you. Maybe it costs a lot of money. But it’s broken. It’s useless. It just doesn’t work any more.

Be strong! If it is not working, if there is no legitimate reason for keeping it, why should you leave it sitting there? Now is the time to let it go. Do the 3 boxes thing. One box for throw, one for donate, one for keep. And be serious about it.

Donate and Recycle

Donating is a good idea. It reduces landfill. The charity boxes get a lot of donations, so be sensible, and if the box is full, don’t leave your donations on the footpath. If you have large items to donate, ring up a charity and see if they will pick up.

Recycling is another option. There are two ways to recycle. One way is “regifting”. Just make sure that you don’t give it back to the person who gave it to you! Another way is to sort out items that can go into the recycle bins to be smashed up and reformed into other usable products.

There are websites which might help you to pass on your unwanted items to people who are in need. You might be able to sell the kids’ toys which they have outgrown. Maybe let them keep one or two to reminisce about their fun, innocent childhood, but be firm about what needs to be passed on. Charities also like clothes that are in good condition and able to be resold. Don’t give them rags, unless they particularly ask for them.

Now we’ve made a bit of difference.

A Rubbish Removalist can help if needed

Unless you have a 2 ton truck, a fork lift or a bulldozer, there are some items that you won’t easily dispose of. Beds, fridges, old car parts, broken down lawnmovers. Now we can make a fourth box – the “get help from a rubbish removalist” box. You can (figuratively) put all those big items in that box.

So there are some ideas to improve your living conditions, maybe improve your wallet conditions, and give you a bit more room to move around.

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