The best way to clean house

No, not with the broom and Spray and Wipe. I mean the outside of the house. Siding, windows, roof, bricks etc.

Pressure Washing

This is the best way to rid your property of mould, mildew and grime. If your plan is to repaint, then a good pressure wash is a perfect way to prepare the surface.

Ground Rules

While pressure cleaning is safe for most surfaces, some siding may damage easily and care should be taken. You must carefully inspect every surface that needs to be cleaned, and ensure there are no ways that moisture can get into the property. A good cleaning solution is necessary, and there are choices to be made here as well. Chemicals, e.g. bleach for mouldy areas, or more natural solutions, like baking soda and laundry detergent.

The actual ground will also be taken into consideration, and plants and landscaping need to be protected. The home owner should move away outdoor furniture, pot plants, and also pets and doghouses.

To Pressure wash an older house.

There are likely to be fragile areas in older homes. There is also likely to be a lot of dirt, grime and cobwebs in all sorts of nooks and crannies. A home owner might consider do-it-yourself pressure cleaning, However using the wrong technique could cause damage to wood and other areas. It may be necessary to attack the job gently, using lower pressure than he would on your hard surfaces like driveways, and also by keeping the nozzle further away from the surface, until you can assess how the surface will respond. An experienced cleaner like XXXX will know exactly how to deal with the situation,

When to wash the house

Australia is a hot, dry country. We all know that dust and dirt are constant problems. They get in everywhere. There’s pollution in our cities. Dirt, grime and pollution created by builders, roadworks, buses, trucks, factories and animals will settle over whatever they touch. Birds make contributions also. This mix of yukkiness will soon cause a haze over our houses, so an exterior house wash can bring back the brightness.

There is only one way you can clean your house exterior and that is house washing.  It doesn’t take too long, if you know the right solutions to use, and the high-pressure water soon washes away the dust, dirt, grime, as well as insects, and even get into the little nooks and crannies. No harsh chemicals are needed, so this is a “green” way of doing the job. And it doesn’t really use a huge amount of water.  Your paint colour will be revived, the whole house will look renewed, and all that dust and dirt and potential bacteria will be reduced.

So, I’ll tell you the best time…..

Before you want to sell the house

Because washing the house (especially power washing) renews your house’s appearance and brightens the paint colours. Take photos while the house is slightly damp, as this makes the colours more vibrant. Perfect for the advertising brochures.


After a dry winter, spring is always the best time for a good exterior clean.

Before a pest control treatment

If the dust is washed away, pesticides are more likely to cling to the surface. And be sure NOT to get pressure washed immediately after pest control.

Any time you like

Keep up a regular house washing routine and your home will keep looking great.

Which is better: DIY or Professional Pressure Washing

Doing pressure washing yourself doesn’t look too difficult; you point the water jets at what you want cleaned, pull the trigger and BAM! Surface cleaned.

But, of course, it’s not that simple, is it? Nothing ever is that simple.

Here are some For’s and Against’s between doing pressure washing yourself, or bringing in the cavalry to do it for you.

Do It Yourself – For

Ok, an obvious pro for doing it yourself is that you don’t have to pay professionals for you. You still have to rent a power washer, of course (you can’t just put your thumb over the end of the house and hope to get enough pressure), but they are not too expensive. For small projects, renting equipment could easily be all that is required.

Do It Yourself – Against

But … and you knew there had to be a but – for larger projects, pressure washing is a lot of effort. This is particular the case when the project is not as cut-and-dry as simply power washing a lever concrete rectangle. If you are power washing your home, there are going to be places where you can’t quite get the water jets to reach. And don’t even think about grabbing a ladder, climbing it and using the power washer from the ladder. There is a great deal of pressure coming from that power washer wand, and if you are not used to or trained in working with power washers while standing on ladders, that extra pressure can easily disorientate you and send you crashing to the ground.

And just as big a ‘but’ is the fact that the power washer itself is a dangerous thing. The water jets are at such a great pressure that each water droplet is like a tiny pickaxe chipping away at the dirt and grime it encounters on the surfaces it is aimed for. But these little ‘pick-axes’ won’t stop chipping away just because you happen to accidentally get your toes or fingers in the way. It is very easy to get your fingers or toes cut down to the bone due to the pressure of these water jets.

Bringing In The Professionals – For

Professionals, if they are as professional as they say they are, know what they’re doing when it comes to pressure washing your home and exterior surfaces. And if they are really professional, they should also know when not to use pressure cleaning. Some surfaces are not durable enough to withstand the high-pressure waters jets; instead of simply scouring away the dirt, you’ll scour away the surface as well. Professionals will know when to instead employ a soft-wash process, which turns down the pressure of the water, and instead use environmentally friendly chemicals to break down the dirt. Knowing the right concentrations for the chemicals, knowing how to change the power washing nozzle to allow for a lower water pressure, knowing all of these things is what makes a professional pressure cleaner a professional.

Bringing In The Professionals – Against

How do you know the professionals you are paying good money to are as professional as their pretty website makes them out to be? We far too often think with our wallets first when making decisions related to home services, and perhaps don’t think enough about why the prices might be so cheap. Instead, you should do a little research, try and dig deeper into the company and see what other people say about them.

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