Before you clean out your gutters yourself, consider these issues.

Perhaps you’ve noticed your gutters are overflowing in even the smallest rainfall, or you can see plants growing from your gutters. You think your gutters are clogged, and to save money, you decide to just clean them out yourselves. It can’t be that hard, right? Just climb a ladder and put in some elbow grease, and Bob’s your uncle – you’ve got clean gutters.

Well, before doing that, just consider a few factors. Cleaning your gutters could be more dangerous than you think, and perhaps you should consider getting a profession gutter cleaning company in to clean them for you.

Gutters are high off the ground. People die falling from heights.

Well, that is a duh statement, isn’t it? Obviously, gutters are high. That’s where the roof is! But to clean gutters, that’s where you have to be, also. It doesn’t take a fall from a great height to injure yourself. Movies have taught us to believe we can fall from a height, land on the ground, and get up and be as right as rain.

Movies lie. Re-consider working from heights if you are not used to it.

Working from a ladder is dangerous.

Unless you are an NBA basketballer living in a hobbit hole, you will need a ladder to reach your gutters.

So, first off, look at your ladder. Do you trust it with your life? Because, ultimately, that is what you are doing. Many people use ladders that are clearly not up to the task. Maybe they are old and rusted. Perhaps they are too short. Maybe one of the legs is longer than the other. If you can’t trust your ladder with your life, you should not climb it.

Next, take a look at your gutters. There is a reason you are wanting to clean your gutters. It’s because they’re blocked, usually with vegetation, dirt and debris and all manner of things. If your gutter is blocked, it is likely that the blockage is water soaked, as the water can’t flow down your drains to get away. Gutters are designed to let water flow on; they are not designed to support the continuous weight of water-soaked vegetation and debris. Gutters with large blockages may warp or sag or come apart from the roof.

Now that you know this, now that you know that blocked gutters could be unstable and damaged, take another look at your gutters. Do you trust your life that you can tell a strong gutter from a damaged one?

Finally, realise that to clean gutters, you need to take equipment up to and down from the roof. Unless you are experienced with climbing ladders carrying equipment, this can be very dangerous. It only takes one split second of lost concentration to cause a serious or possibly fatal accident.

You don’t know what might be in your gutters. Have you got protective equipment?

The stuff you are trying to get out of your gutters could be the stuff that causes you the most problems. Snakes could be using your gutters as a warm place to hide, as too could vermin, mosquitos and other insects. Birds like blocked gutters as well, as they provide good nesting material, and one thing all people know about birds is they poop all the time. There could be a whole ecosystem of living and dying creatures in your gutters, as well as bacteria and germs and many other things that could make you very sick unless you have the right protective equipment on. 

And beyond that, think about the danger of rusted nails and exposed electrical wiring. There is a reason why gutter cleaning companies exist. Cleaning your gutters is much more dangerous than you think.

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