Selling your home? Get your carpets cleaned.

It’s time to move on. Perhaps the family is growing and your current home is bursting at the seams and you just need some more space for the kids to run away (and perhaps some space to hide from them, as well). Or perhaps the kids have finally gone, and your home is feeling a little empty and you just want to downsize.

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your home, but one important thing you must do before bringing potential buyers is clean your carpets. But why? What difference can cleaned carpet actually make to the sell price of your home?

First Impressions Matter.

When people come into a home and see dirty carpet, what do you think their first impressions are? We can be fairly sure that it is not, ‘Awesome, now I get to clean the carpet!

Their first thought is more likely to be, ‘So … what else is wrong with this place?’

For a prospective buyer, having clean carpets is a no brainer; it’s a small detail, something that shouldn’t be difficult to achieve, so the mere fact that your carpets are dull, dusty and dirty is immediately a red flag that you have not taken care of the house. The prospective buyer is immediately in a negative mind set, and it is difficult to turn that around.

It’s a vibe thing, man!

Dirty carpets can make an entire house look old and run down, even if you’ve spent thousands on the new kitchen remodel, or the extra sink in the bedroom bathroom, or timber decking in the backyard.

On the other hand, clean carpets look bright, and they can make the entire house seem breezy and fresh. It changes the atmosphere of the house, and even if you don’t notice it yourself, a prospective buyer will. Clean bright carpets just make people feel happier.

And it’s a smell thing, too, man!

How do we say this sensitively? People can have an … odour. We’re not necessarily saying it’s a bad odour (although if you eat a lot of onions, garlic, cheese, tuna and sardines, then we are saying it’s a bad odour), but it seeps into the very fabric of the house, particularly the carpets. Couple that with pee-happy pets, and you start getting a distinctive smell. Even houses without pets or people with strange diets also get a smell. It’s a kind of  ‘lived in’ smell that all houses have (to varying degrees) that you don’t notice because you’re used to it, but prospective buyers will.

Cleaning your carpets brings in a different kind of smell. Let’s simply call it a ‘good’ smell. One of the joys of life is the smell of freshly shampooed carpet. It too permeates the house and for a while after you clean your carpets, your house smells less of you and your leaking pets, and more of, well, cleanliness.

And this smell triggers more content emotions in a prospective buyer’s brain than the smell of your morning sardine breakfast or little Rover’s untimely accident in the corner.

Lastly, Real Estate Agents think it’s a good idea.

When tenants leave their rentals, one of the things all real estate agents require of them is for them to have their carpets cleaned. Because real estate agents know the benefits of clean carpet to helping them rent out the place again. Real estate agents sell houses daily – it’s kinda their job – and if they think it’s something worth doing, then perhaps it’s something we should do.

Professional carpet cleaning companies in Wollongong can take the hassle out of cleaning your carpets. It is a sensible investment to ensure a good selling price.

The best way to clean house

No, not with the broom and Spray and Wipe. I mean the outside of the house. Siding, windows, roof, bricks etc.

Pressure Washing

This is the best way to rid your property of mould, mildew and grime. If your plan is to repaint, then a good pressure wash is a perfect way to prepare the surface.

Ground Rules

While pressure cleaning is safe for most surfaces, some siding may damage easily and care should be taken. You must carefully inspect every surface that needs to be cleaned, and ensure there are no ways that moisture can get into the property. A good cleaning solution is necessary, and there are choices to be made here as well. Chemicals, e.g. bleach for mouldy areas, or more natural solutions, like baking soda and laundry detergent.

The actual ground will also be taken into consideration, and plants and landscaping need to be protected. The home owner should move away outdoor furniture, pot plants, and also pets and doghouses.

To Pressure wash an older house.

There are likely to be fragile areas in older homes. There is also likely to be a lot of dirt, grime and cobwebs in all sorts of nooks and crannies. A home owner might consider do-it-yourself pressure cleaning, However using the wrong technique could cause damage to wood and other areas. It may be necessary to attack the job gently, using lower pressure than he would on your hard surfaces like driveways, and also by keeping the nozzle further away from the surface, until you can assess how the surface will respond. An experienced cleaner like XXXX will know exactly how to deal with the situation,

When to wash the house

Australia is a hot, dry country. We all know that dust and dirt are constant problems. They get in everywhere. There’s pollution in our cities. Dirt, grime and pollution created by builders, roadworks, buses, trucks, factories and animals will settle over whatever they touch. Birds make contributions also. This mix of yukkiness will soon cause a haze over our houses, so an exterior house wash can bring back the brightness.

There is only one way you can clean your house exterior and that is house washing.  It doesn’t take too long, if you know the right solutions to use, and the high-pressure water soon washes away the dust, dirt, grime, as well as insects, and even get into the little nooks and crannies. No harsh chemicals are needed, so this is a “green” way of doing the job. And it doesn’t really use a huge amount of water.  Your paint colour will be revived, the whole house will look renewed, and all that dust and dirt and potential bacteria will be reduced.

So, I’ll tell you the best time…..

Before you want to sell the house

Because washing the house (especially power washing) renews your house’s appearance and brightens the paint colours. Take photos while the house is slightly damp, as this makes the colours more vibrant. Perfect for the advertising brochures.


After a dry winter, spring is always the best time for a good exterior clean.

Before a pest control treatment

If the dust is washed away, pesticides are more likely to cling to the surface. And be sure NOT to get pressure washed immediately after pest control.

Any time you like

Keep up a regular house washing routine and your home will keep looking great.

A closer look at your carpet

Your carpet has been lying there, keeping the floor warm, keeping your feet warm, and generally not interrupting our lives very much. It might be a shaggy pile carpet in a nice lime green shade. It might be a cut and loop in mundane mauve, or twist pile in turquoise. Whatever it is, if it’s been there any length of time, it is likely to be a receptible for microscopic beings who are very interested in the skin cells we discard.

Microbugs and other things

Yes, skin cells. Every day, without your noticing, you lose skin cells, you might lose some hairs, and mostly you don’t notice this happening. You can sometimes see dust floating gently in the rays of the sun that pierce through your window. But it’s not a totally benign and pretty sight. The scientific word for this is “dander”. And you might get your dander up (get angry and upset) knowing that “dander” accumulates in your carpet, and that the microbugs – dust mites and fleas, etc –  in the carpet are having a feast on our skin cells.

Your average dust mite is tiny, you need a microscope to see them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the alien monsters in the movies are inspired by them. They have been known to live for 3 months and every day their excretions are surprisingly heavy. The mama dust mites, believe it or not, lay from 60 to about 100 eggs.

Vacuuming Won’t Do It

You must know that the surface of carpet is not flat. The carpet pile rises from the base of the carpet, and does a very good job of trapping the “dander” that falls on it. The microbugs are at the base of the carpet ready to enjoy the buffet presented to them.

But that is why vacuuming doesn’t do what you want to do. Surface dust may be easily removed, and some advertising shows how the top notch cleaner stir up the carpet’s pile, but basically, the vacuum cleaner runs over the top of the carpet, and not every sucker is good enough to clear out all the micro eco-system at the carpet’s base.  It doesn’t go anywhere!

There’s probably only one way to remove the microbugs

You must clean the carpet deep down, to rid yourself of the microbugs. It would be best to get a professional carpet cleaner in Launceston who will bring in their big guns and attack these freeloaders.

Their equipment is so much more powerful than anything you can get. They shoot their powerful cleaning solution right into the carpet fibres, to get to the bottom of the carpet and flush out the contaminants, so that you end up with a sweet smelling, squeaky clean, fresh and bright carpet.

Regular cleaning by professional machines will keep your floors pristine, and improve your lifestyle so that your health and wellbeing are ultimately the benefactors of this particular exercise.

How can you tell if your gutters need cleaning?

A man taking autumn leaves out of gutters

It doesn’t seem like it should be that big a deal, does it? So what if your gutters are a bit clogged? So what if the water spills over the gutters? It’s just waters and leaves and dirt. What harm could any of that do?

The problem is that blocked gutters can cause a lot of harm. The gutters themselves can sag, the backed up water can, over time, cause your roof to rot and leak, or cause erosion at the foot of your foundations, which then means your foundations are open to the elements, which can cause subsidence and your walls to crack.

It seems that blocked gutters can have a big deal on the future of your house.

So how can you determine whether your gutters are actually blocked? Here are some signs that can clue you in to the state of your gutters.

Your Gutters Are Sagging.

Water is heavy, and when your gutters are blocked, that water has no where to go. Gutters are designed to be a transport system for water, not a support system. The water is meant to go from your roof to the underground drainage system, via your gutters and drainpipes, and that is it. When the water is blocked, causing the blockage itself to become water laden and heavy, the gutters are being asked to do something it wasn’t designed to do; support weight. Over time, the gutters will fail to handle this weight, and will sag away from the roof structure.

Water Is Overflowing Your Gutters.

If you are seeing water overflowing your gutters, it could be that you are experiencing a very intense rainfall event and your gutters can’t handle the amount of rain that is falling. If however, water is overflowing your gutters during a less than severe rainstorm event, this could be a clue that something is blocking the gutters, causing the water to back up and overflow.

You see plants growing from your gutters.

There are three things plants require to grow: sun, water and soil. If plants are growing from your gutters, they are receiving those three things. The sun’s not the problem, but the water and the soil is. Clearly, your gutter is blocked enough with soil and water that plat life has had time to take life. It is probably time you unclog your gutters.

Your gutters seem to be quite popular to wildlife.

If you notice rodents hanging around your gutters, you might have a blocked gutter problem. Why? Because rodents like the snug safety of the blocked vegetation within the gutter. The confines of the gutter and the blockage itself protects them from their predators.

Also, if you notice birds taking a particular interest in your gutters, that might be another clue that your gutters are blocked. Blocked gutters are usually full of vegetation and sticks and twigs … all of this is like a shopper’s heaven to a bird that is nesting. They come back again and again to take another piece of twig or vegetation back to their nest, and if you notice that happening, you need to get your gutters cleaned.

There are puddles at your foundations.

This is related to seeing water overflowing your gutters. Naturally, that water has to end up somewhere, and since it is not going where it is being directed to go ie. To the drainage system via the gutters, it is likely that the water ends up as a puddle near your foundations. As stated before, water at your foundations can cause erosion, which can damage the foundations.

So, all in all, there are good reasons for getting a professional gutter cleaning service in Canberra, and hopefully now you know those signs that somethings not quite right with your gutters.

It is spring cleaning time!!

Now that the cold winter is gone, and spring has sprung, we awaken from our hibernation and look around. Who put all that stuff there? Do you really need all of that?

It’s time … it’s finally time to do something about all the stuff you’ve collected over the last umpteen years. Spring Cleaning Time.

Spring cleaning, as we all know, is a project that we are not always keen to look at. It’s going to take ages. When will we do it? Tomorrow? Next week?

Take yourself by the scruff of the neck and get moving. Because it has to be done.

I’ve got some ideas to make it easier. And there are benefits not only for you, but for the people you know, and perhaps people you don’t know yet.

So … what should you keep and what needs to go?

What about the things that aren’t working any more. Got some of those? Maybe it comes with a memory from holidays past, or relationships past. You think you have to keep it, or you’ll forget all about the connection it had in your life. Maybe someone gave it to you. Maybe it costs a lot of money. But it’s broken. It’s useless. It just doesn’t work any more.

Be strong! If it is not working, if there is no legitimate reason for keeping it, why should you leave it sitting there? Now is the time to let it go. Do the 3 boxes thing. One box for throw, one for donate, one for keep. And be serious about it.

Donate and Recycle

Donating is a good idea. It reduces landfill. The charity boxes get a lot of donations, so be sensible, and if the box is full, don’t leave your donations on the footpath. If you have large items to donate, ring up a charity and see if they will pick up.

Recycling is another option. There are two ways to recycle. One way is “regifting”. Just make sure that you don’t give it back to the person who gave it to you! Another way is to sort out items that can go into the recycle bins to be smashed up and reformed into other usable products.

There are websites which might help you to pass on your unwanted items to people who are in need. You might be able to sell the kids’ toys which they have outgrown. Maybe let them keep one or two to reminisce about their fun, innocent childhood, but be firm about what needs to be passed on. Charities also like clothes that are in good condition and able to be resold. Don’t give them rags, unless they particularly ask for them.

Now we’ve made a bit of difference.

A Rubbish Removalist can help if needed

Unless you have a 2 ton truck, a fork lift or a bulldozer, there are some items that you won’t easily dispose of. Beds, fridges, old car parts, broken down lawnmovers. Now we can make a fourth box – the “get help from a rubbish removalist” box. You can (figuratively) put all those big items in that box.

So there are some ideas to improve your living conditions, maybe improve your wallet conditions, and give you a bit more room to move around.

Which is better: DIY or Professional Pressure Washing

Doing pressure washing yourself doesn’t look too difficult; you point the water jets at what you want cleaned, pull the trigger and BAM! Surface cleaned.

But, of course, it’s not that simple, is it? Nothing ever is that simple.

Here are some For’s and Against’s between doing pressure washing yourself, or bringing in the cavalry to do it for you.

Do It Yourself – For

Ok, an obvious pro for doing it yourself is that you don’t have to pay professionals for you. You still have to rent a power washer, of course (you can’t just put your thumb over the end of the house and hope to get enough pressure), but they are not too expensive. For small projects, renting equipment could easily be all that is required.

Do It Yourself – Against

But … and you knew there had to be a but – for larger projects, pressure washing is a lot of effort. This is particular the case when the project is not as cut-and-dry as simply power washing a lever concrete rectangle. If you are power washing your home, there are going to be places where you can’t quite get the water jets to reach. And don’t even think about grabbing a ladder, climbing it and using the power washer from the ladder. There is a great deal of pressure coming from that power washer wand, and if you are not used to or trained in working with power washers while standing on ladders, that extra pressure can easily disorientate you and send you crashing to the ground.

And just as big a ‘but’ is the fact that the power washer itself is a dangerous thing. The water jets are at such a great pressure that each water droplet is like a tiny pickaxe chipping away at the dirt and grime it encounters on the surfaces it is aimed for. But these little ‘pick-axes’ won’t stop chipping away just because you happen to accidentally get your toes or fingers in the way. It is very easy to get your fingers or toes cut down to the bone due to the pressure of these water jets.

Bringing In The Professionals – For

Professionals, if they are as professional as they say they are, know what they’re doing when it comes to pressure washing your home and exterior surfaces. And if they are really professional, they should also know when not to use pressure cleaning. Some surfaces are not durable enough to withstand the high-pressure waters jets; instead of simply scouring away the dirt, you’ll scour away the surface as well. Professionals will know when to instead employ a soft-wash process, which turns down the pressure of the water, and instead use environmentally friendly chemicals to break down the dirt. Knowing the right concentrations for the chemicals, knowing how to change the power washing nozzle to allow for a lower water pressure, knowing all of these things is what makes a professional pressure cleaner a professional.

Bringing In The Professionals – Against

How do you know the professionals you are paying good money to are as professional as their pretty website makes them out to be? We far too often think with our wallets first when making decisions related to home services, and perhaps don’t think enough about why the prices might be so cheap. Instead, you should do a little research, try and dig deeper into the company and see what other people say about them.

Before you clean out your gutters yourself, consider these issues.

Perhaps you’ve noticed your gutters are overflowing in even the smallest rainfall, or you can see plants growing from your gutters. You think your gutters are clogged, and to save money, you decide to just clean them out yourselves. It can’t be that hard, right? Just climb a ladder and put in some elbow grease, and Bob’s your uncle – you’ve got clean gutters.

Well, before doing that, just consider a few factors. Cleaning your gutters could be more dangerous than you think, and perhaps you should consider getting a profession gutter cleaning company in to clean them for you.

Gutters are high off the ground. People die falling from heights.

Well, that is a duh statement, isn’t it? Obviously, gutters are high. That’s where the roof is! But to clean gutters, that’s where you have to be, also. It doesn’t take a fall from a great height to injure yourself. Movies have taught us to believe we can fall from a height, land on the ground, and get up and be as right as rain.

Movies lie. Re-consider working from heights if you are not used to it.

Working from a ladder is dangerous.

Unless you are an NBA basketballer living in a hobbit hole, you will need a ladder to reach your gutters.

So, first off, look at your ladder. Do you trust it with your life? Because, ultimately, that is what you are doing. Many people use ladders that are clearly not up to the task. Maybe they are old and rusted. Perhaps they are too short. Maybe one of the legs is longer than the other. If you can’t trust your ladder with your life, you should not climb it.

Next, take a look at your gutters. There is a reason you are wanting to clean your gutters. It’s because they’re blocked, usually with vegetation, dirt and debris and all manner of things. If your gutter is blocked, it is likely that the blockage is water soaked, as the water can’t flow down your drains to get away. Gutters are designed to let water flow on; they are not designed to support the continuous weight of water-soaked vegetation and debris. Gutters with large blockages may warp or sag or come apart from the roof.

Now that you know this, now that you know that blocked gutters could be unstable and damaged, take another look at your gutters. Do you trust your life that you can tell a strong gutter from a damaged one?

Finally, realise that to clean gutters, you need to take equipment up to and down from the roof. Unless you are experienced with climbing ladders carrying equipment, this can be very dangerous. It only takes one split second of lost concentration to cause a serious or possibly fatal accident.

You don’t know what might be in your gutters. Have you got protective equipment?

The stuff you are trying to get out of your gutters could be the stuff that causes you the most problems. Snakes could be using your gutters as a warm place to hide, as too could vermin, mosquitos and other insects. Birds like blocked gutters as well, as they provide good nesting material, and one thing all people know about birds is they poop all the time. There could be a whole ecosystem of living and dying creatures in your gutters, as well as bacteria and germs and many other things that could make you very sick unless you have the right protective equipment on. 

And beyond that, think about the danger of rusted nails and exposed electrical wiring. There is a reason why gutter cleaning companies exist. Cleaning your gutters is much more dangerous than you think.

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